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Three words on time management: focus, clarity and transparency

There are three words I say to myself on a constant basis: focus, clarity and transparency.

These are the three words that straighten out most of the rough days I encounter when my schedule gets overloaded and when the demands on my time get too high. And yes, I still have to work at saying "no" but that's a topic for another day.

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Search Testing with Different Languages

I started work on a new project and need to address search testing with a wide assortment of languages. And geez, this is a puzzle I've worked with before so I thought I would share some thoughts around the topic of search testing with multiple languages.

At the start, I look into how many languages and what languages I'll be working with. Based on past (and current) experiences, I have certain reactions - from a testing perspective - to some languages.

Can-Do List: One way to get unstuck. Really.

I met a person working as a test contractor on a project recently who said to me: "There are no requirement documents so therefore I cannot write test scripts. And this means, I cannot test."

I've heard this before from other test contractors. I don't understand the logic being applied.

I tilted my head and was speechless. I thought I should keep listening to see if I could better understand. But I didn't. In this case, it seemed the tester believed the only way to approach testing was to read and review requirements, write test scripts, and then execute test scripts. Since this one approach was not an option in the environment at that time, the tester felt dead-ended with his work.

More articles on software testing

Here are two articles I published this month on testing.

"Improve Your Testing and Your Testers with Paired Testing"
Ideas and stories on paired testing
InformIT, April 2010

"Insights from Running UAT Sessions"

recent articles on software testing

This afternoon I was talking with a friend and colleague who asked me about my writing, more specifically about software testing articles I've written. He was surprised to learn that I had published six articles in the past couple of months - he hadn't realized that I wrote so much or so often. I thought most certainly I had listed the articles on my blog as each article had been released but it doesn't look like it. Here’s a list:


Someone asked me recently why I don't participate more in software testing forums. Why I don't blog more often. Why they don't find me "around" virtually as often as they used to. Balance was my answer.

My online life was becoming consuming. And it’s easy to get out of balance especially when you live in a climate like Chicago where its winter for eight months (or at least feels like it.)

Building Alliances: a presentation recording

I gave a presentation called Building Alliances. It was a non-technical talk focused on working with people. The talk focused on positive alliances we can build at work as well as some of the realities – the good, the bad and the ugly of office politics. The talk was recorded at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference (PNSQC) 2009.


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