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plotting one object-db what selfmade by xml+db for sectionbase

I want to plot the next works in priority level so as to make my loads to be lightest.As for the major issue, I should develop the Clinlic, Blog, application/invitation module, the charge module, and PhysicalExm module, etc, going along with the modules, I should have to refit the sections from xml to database sooner or later, by the reasons of two:1. as long as the sections grown up more than twenty, it will be difficult to manage by xml;

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Tomcat crashed by "out of Memory" under the lowest loadlevel period

I usually update the worksystem on the morning of Monday, then go for routine weekly meeting. Update on Morning, means usually lowest SOHO partner working online, either the lowest audience in normal view. However, as long as I did the second or the third time, I always got the machine crashed after I update the server before I complete my meeting at office.

The lastime sounds some unknown clearly bugs in the loop tags, yes! loops'bug can did worst for the system, and, I cost one week for stress test on the system, ensure the system can be work fine. And howabout this time? I just updated the apache rewrite, almost nothing did on the jsp/tags/java coding, it failed! furthermore, even I reboot the system pass through tend times of the stress rather than morning had, the system just stand strong? who can explain the situation for me? I just explain that, We are live in matrix!

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tomcat/apache subdomain and SEO issues

I plotted to make rewrite/subdomain clearly before the job/yellowpages modules applied, I just thought I make it clear by the way, but since I was puzzled by the mod_rewrite logic until I thought I have overcome, the "by the way" has cost my 4 days, and, stopped by the sessions lost while subdomain changed. In other views, I am costing my time to make up one lost lesson that how to administrator apache well. IN high percentage I am actually one excellent java developer either with database plotter, the administration work is not my major field. But lack of adult administrator I have to make it by myself, until I thought I have met its most then pass it to some apprentice follow. I have been the adult administrator of linux,database and dns administrator,even network and security, but just apache, I used to it for years, but few chance need to understand it, until this time.

jsp will lost its session while subdomain-rewrite applied

my system is tomcat combinded apache.I want to do SEO by apache mod rewrite so as to hard pages likewise, and devided my company's applications into several modules/subdomain( hosting in one jsp server), so as to promote each individually, such as bussines, forum, blog, news, etc.

after everything has been closely to be done, I found one unexpect result that the jsp session not only related to the application/context directory but also the hostname, so that while the audience login with one subdomain, but change to another domain(or subdomain), his session will be lost. Unless I use redirect,however, it probably will disable the SEO(sounds like to browse by hardpage link) efforts.

apache.mod_rewrite's working logic is still in mist

This is my first time to blog in one English blog seems something. Thre emblog just like only support the private message, and, the, I even can not post connectinon even that I can not login the blog for myself. These days I cost hours to collect the English forum for techniques helps, it is not joke, but really, normal I want to dicussed with domestic guys in china,however, few people know the details in the forum, only hot in anti-japan, anti-usa,anti..., I do not know what else they wont anti for, could only be the CP, what they actually be fear for.

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just can not start the mod_rewrite

I am new bie to mod_rewrite and before I can digest the mass of the howto in regular expression, I just want to begin my mod_rewrite function as helloworld, but neither the below setting(all in the root context of httpd.conf) fail, didnt work at all.

case A:
LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^old\.html$ index.html [L]
RewriteLog /usr/local/apache/apache2.0.44/logs/rewrite.log

The databaseConneciton pooled has lower performance for directory connection? either less stable?

What this means? sounds impossible, under the jmeter/WAS tress testing, the tomcat with database/connection pooled has lower performance/response speed than no connection pooled, no metioned that the pooled system will become more unstable under the request extremly stress.

It seems impossible, for the pooled connection need no authentication anymore at runtime reference; now that the test is under the mysql database, I could change to oracle for further testing.

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summariztion for tomcat stress testing: DBCP could cause DDos Crash with no resume

I noticed that the working system crashed with no resume. I try to repeat the crash by similation of extrem stress testing. the results happened now and then, but it always can be resumed after 5-15 minutes. At last, I use the WAS to launch 50 threads * 5 multiper sockets, ( I count it should be 250, however, why I collect the sessesion more than 500 in log?), in testing system. Except for other reasons, the main one cause the tomcat hault is the DBCP, the pool manager should return the connection which has been closed to the client request, so that it cause the JDBC client throw Exception of :

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