Candidate Statement for CMG Director

I've been nominated as a director candidate for the CMG. My candidate statement is posted below because my views related to CMG mirror my views for application performance in organizations and the industry as a whole and I believe that is (or, at least, I hope it is) interesting to anyone involved or concerned with challenges related to application performance now and in the future.

Thoughts on Agile & Agile Testing

This past weekend, I finally made time to start reading Agile Testing: A Practical Guide For Testers And Agile Teams, Lisa Crispin & Janet Gregory, Addison-Wesley (2009).  I made it through the first two chapters before life called me away.  After I put the book down and starting going about accomplishing a mundane series of errands, I realized that I was feeling disappointed and that the disappointment had started growing just a few pages into the book.  Not because of what the book had to say, what it said was pretty good – not exactly how I would have expressed a few things, but thus is the plight of a writer reading what someone else has written on a topic they also care and write about.  What was disappointing me was the fact that the stuff in those chapters needed to be said at all.

Scott Barber Interviewed by Matt Heusser; Podcast

Two part podcast on the STP site. I say some interesting stuff... or at least I say some stuff that's interesting to me. :)

Twist #52 - With Scott Barber

Twist #53 - The Return of the Barber

Scott Barber
President & Chief Technologist, PerfTestPlus, Inc.
Co-Author, Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications
Contributing Author, Beautiful Testing, & How To Reduce the Cost of Testing

Performance Testing Practice Named During Online Summit

Last week, I hosted STP's Online Performance Summit, a 3 half-day, 9 session, live, interactive webinar. As far as I know, this was the first multi-presenter, multi-day, live webinar by testers for testers. The feedback from attendees and presenters that I have seen has all been very positive, and personally, I think it went very well. On top of that, I had a whole lot of fun playing "radio talk show host".

Google Page Speed Service – The death of the Web Performance Optimization consultant?

Fred Beringer of SOASTA posed that question on his blog yesterday.

An interesting question, so being a tester, what did I do? Right, I tested it. It took all of one test for me to come to my conclusion...


Google Page Speed Service Test

Scott Barber
President & Chief Technologist, PerfTestPlus, Inc.
Co-Author, Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications
Contributing Author,Beautiful Testing, & How To Reduce the Cost of Testing (TBP Summer 2011, Taylor and Francis)

CloudTest Lite - A Game Changer in the Performance Tool Market

Yesterday, SOASTA announced their new product, CloudTest Lite (Press Release). It's not common that I get excited about a tool product release, but this is different. This product has the potential to change the market for the better.

Scratch that. I'll be shocked if it doesn't change the market for the better.

Why is that, you ask? Consider the following attributes of CloutTest Lite:

Uruguay surpasses world with professional development program for software testers.

The Centro de Ensayos de Software (CES), a non-profit software testing laboratory in Uruguay, has recently launched a program that is certain to become the new “gold standard” in professional development for software testers.  The program, endorsed by the Universidad de la Republica (Uruguay), the Universidad Castilla La Mancha (Spain), and sanctioned by the Uruguayan IT Chamber (CUTI), is the most comprehensive, affordable, and publicly available training program for software testers on the market.  Based on my market research and comprehensive review of the program, I have no reservation in rating it as market leading.


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