Permissions required for remote access to Windows Server Performance Counters

[textile]Ever found yourself in the situation where you can't get Admin rights on a Windows server hosting an application you are performance testing? Well, then remotely retrieving performance counters yourself becomes a little difficult. Are you left at the mercy of the administrators running the monitoring for you? Sometimes, Power User rights are acceptable (and this is enough to remotely collect Performance Counters). In stricter environments, you can always ask the administrators to give you specific rights only to the performance counters... but how do you do that?

I found these two useful articles today explaining how to provide remote access to performance counters on Windows 2000 servers...

* "Reg keys and permissions required for remote perfmon access":

* "Microsoft article on Reg keys and permissions for remote perfmon access":;en-us;164018

Note: to change the permissions for registry keys, use Regedt32.exe and not regedit.exe