Model Based Exploratory Testing?

Well, there I was once more sure I had a good idea and then in a newsletter this morning for the StarEast 2005:

Model Based Exploratory Testing , there in black and white in front of me in the special topics section. Now I am not able to go this year (mainly due to the fact I am already at a number of conferences in the first half of the year and I have client commitments) However this I would be tempted to go for.

I will post more on the subject once I see some of the talk abstract and who is giving it but it sure interested me.

I have started playing with this idea since StarWest last year and I am using a couple of tools with the idea of models for it, Watir and Eggplant being the two at the moment. I like the idea of machine based sessions for the exploration and using the models, rather as Harry Robinson does, to set many off down various paths to find interesting questions to ask.

I will post more as I find out more on the ideas and the results of the experiements but it is really cool to see someone else has tried this too.

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I thought it looked interesting as well. I saw Jeff Feldstein give a presentation on Model Based testing at a past STAR and I wonder if this is his presentation. If it is, I'm sure it will be excellent.

Well its not Jeff Feldstein, he is giving the talk he gave at StarWest 2004 as the Keynote. I am glad he is it is an excellent talk with some really good working examples from his experience and delivered in a very positive way - which reads as look at the idea, look at the results, its not about me. A pleasent change and an excellent talk.
Harry Robinson is doing the talk on the Model Based Exploratory testing. I am in email contact with Harry and will hopefully get to see him at another conference to discuss this further later in the year. I am actualy quite excited by the idea as it fits with conversations I had with Him and Jon Bach at StarWest 2004 and it looks like there are a few people running with it in different ways, I am doing something similiar on Apple Mac OSX with Eggplant to the work Harry is doing with C# on Microsoft O/S's and Jon Bach was planning to try it with WATIR. It seems Harry has been thinking of this for a while prior to the Eureka moment I had in his workshop last year after a conversation I had with Jon Bach, the day before, after we had attended Bret Pretichord's Scripting for testers workshop. I had started the process with WATIR, the main reason I have moved to egg plant is the fact I recently bought a powerbook, and WATIR is not Mac based.
It should be a talk well worth getting along to and it is, for me a shame I cannot attend this year as I am at another conference earlier in May and I could not get both into my schedule and still deliver on site effectively .
Neill McCcarthy
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