Video capture tools

The author of the configuration video I mentioned earlier writes:

I stumbled across Wink whilst lookingfor a way to more easily describe how to use Hermes - text is woefullyinadequate for a complicated GUI.

I've also used Wink to capture examples of GUI bugs and then pass themon to the companies/developers and attach them to bug reports.

It only takes about a quarter of the time to create a quick tutorialor demo compared to trying to describe in words and pictures - it'salso more fun as an author and when time is tight on an opensourceproject it's invaluable.

Wink creates flash which is easily viewable by all - and best of allit's free. Do the author a favour and spread the word as it's a greattool to use in testing."

It's for Windox and x86 Linux. What do people use on Macs? I was going to use Snapz Pro X and iMovie - but I'm completely ignorant.