QA Podcast #9: Extreme Programming and QA With Kent Beck

On today's show we're on
the phone with the creator of Extreme
(XP) and one of the founders of the Agile Manifesto, Kent
. Kent and Wolfgang discuss the relationship between XP and QA.

This will be our final podcast of 2005. Stay tuned, as we'll be returning in
January with more testing topics. As always, if you've got feedback or a suggestion
for a future episode, leave a comment or drop
us an email

Here are some quotes from today's show:

"10 years ago, when I started talking about the precursors to XP, programmers
weren't writing tests, ever. But, there are a couple of trends that contribute
to changing this. One is shorter and shorter software release cycles. If you
have to release software once a month, you don't have time for a two-month
QA cycle...The other large-scale trend is toward asking for more visibility
and accountability in the software development process."

"In XP-style development, two people typically write code together. They're
having a conversation--the keyboard is going back and forth. So you already
have that second set of eyes looking at the code. Say you're working on the
code, I might be thinking about the next test that we could be writing."

"You can't know what you don't know. Part of the XP philosophy is keeping
your options open as long as possible. Rather than having a big architecture
developed up front. In XP, you would develop the architecture along with the
code along with the tests for the non-functional requirements."

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