Books on Exploratory Testing

This last week I attended the first Exploratory Testing Research Summit held in Melbourne Florida. The summit was attended by:

  • James Bach
  • Jonathan Bach
  • Scott Barber
  • Michael Bolton
  • Elisabeth Hendrickson
  • Cem Kaner
  • Michael Kelly
  • Jonathan Kohl
  • James Lyndsay
  • Robert Sabourin

Early on in the summit, we were asked to list the books that had influenced how we do our exploratory testing. The following is that list of books (translated from a huge stack of post-it notes -- so forgive any mistakes).

Know of another good book on Exploratory Testing? Add a comment below...

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That's quite a list, thanks for posting I shall be looking at some of those in more depth. I've got 10 from that list...
Were any of the books common to the people making their suggestions - ie were some of those titles appearing again and again ?
( sorry if that means you have to read through all those post-it notes again to find out :) )
My suggestion would be Zen and the Art of Motorcyle Maintenance by Robert M Pirsig, a book I read when I was 15 and I've been amazed at how many testing books and sites make a reference to it.

There was only one book that appeared more then once:

The Pleasure of Finding Things Out and the Meaning of It All by Richard Phillips Feynman

The I Ching (Wilhelm/Baynes translation w/ Carl Jung)
Winnie The Pooh/The House at Pooh Corner (Milne)
The Doors of Perception (Huxley)