Three blog posts per week...Riiiiiight.

Dear faithful readers (the 4 of you, the other 395 hits a day are search engine hits for
"Windows Vista keys" and "play Mrs. Pacman online"),

I'm back. The last 3 weeks have been crazy busy with work and home. I spent 2 weeks
testing up at the Microsoft
Scalability Labs
, and after returning home I've spent the last week: trying to
make it up to my wife for being gone 2 weeks, getting the garden ready for
the season, getting the yard under control, going to my boys' baseball games, getting
food poisoning from a local restaurant, putting Reedville
back in order, and then finally... soaking in the fun-ness of our
littlest one walking now (really cool and in the nick of time because crawling through
wood chips at the baseball field equals slivers).

So yeah, I'm back but being baseball season its the busiest time of the year at our
house (we have 2 boys playing). I'm going to try to stick to my goal of 3 posts per
week (which I failed horribly in the last 3 weeks).

Wish me luck. :)