How to view javascript errors in Internet Explorer 7

I habitually peruse the search queries report for to see what keywords
bring users to the site. Occasionaly the keywords aren't things that I've specifically
talked about but are good ideas for future posts. A recent search phrase was
"viewing javascript errors in IE 7". It's something I take for granted since I've
been doing it for so long with IE 5-6, but there are peeps out there who want to know.
So here is how to view javascript errors in Internet Explorer 7:

First off, with default IE7 settings, you just have to pay attention to
the bottom-left corner of the browser. Keep your eyes peeled for the yellow yield

Once you see the icon, double click it and a script error window will display

Click the "Show Details" button and the script error window will expand showing you
the loathed script error.

However, you don't always happen to see that little icon in the bottom-left corner
but you can make sure you don't miss these script errors (really important as a tester)
by enabling the Internet Options setting in IE (Tools > Internet Options > Advanced)
labeled "Display a notification about every script error". This setting is not enabled
by default.

There you have it. Simple, but obviously some don't know how simple.