From SOAPscope to soapui

I use to be a very strong advocate for SOAPscope. That's before I upgraded from v4.1. to v5.2. Now I have an odd bug where I have to re-enter my licensing information every time I start the server. SOAPscope crashes when I attempt to add certain WSDLs to my project. And the new user interface is much much slower and a bit more clunky looking (making it difficult to navigate).

soapui to the rescue! A co-worker, Steve Keizer, turned me on to soapui yesterday. Then I noticed Chris McMahon had blogged about it (a strong reference in my mind). Within ten minutes, I had it up and running, pointing to my WSDL (the one that crashes SOAPscope), and had executed my first test. And, it's free...

I'll report back if I find any large problems, but for right now, I’m converted. It’s soapui for my day to day web service testing.


After more work, I found I needed to use soapui 1.6 beta 1 to get SSL to work. After a few minutes of research I figured out how to get Xpath assertions to work - very cool. Now we can build regression suites we don't need to manually check.

Oh yea, soapui 1.6 beta 1 also handles attachments in a second tab; something else that came in handy once I saw it.

sameone has tested soapUI 1.7.5? any comments about it?
Do i use this version or sameoine older?

I always use the latest version SoapUI has available.