Is there a problem here?

Ok testing fans, here's an experiment. James and I did some audio and video last time we were together and I'm just getting around to posting some of it. For the most part, it's me being a practice dummy as James schools me in software testing.

I have created a Media page on my website. But fear not, I'll end up posting all new content here as well when I upload a file.

Follow this link to download Is there a problem here?.

Participants: James Bach and Michael Kelly
Format: Video with audio
Run time: Just under six minutes

Dealing with frustration. Tips for how to take the legs out of any line of attack that is looking at the correctness of a feature. Instead of looking for correctness, look for the existence of a problem. Accept the fact that there might be a bug you're not going to find.

What might help me see a problem:
1) When you see an object, ask "Do I recognize that?"
2) If it's not what I thought it was, ask "Is it a problem?"

- Intuition
- Consistency heuristics

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Actually I think there is a problem there. The video is all green and red and illegible. Good thing you were just talking about a drop down, which my fuzzy memory thinks it knows what that is, because I had to do this one "audio only". I'm using 32 bit color, but it's an extra wide monitor, if that matters.

Fascinating to listen to though.


view-hint for other viewers in the future:
WMP 8.x played it with video
but I had only audio with: VLC 7.2.x and WMP
perhaps James+Mike can convert this video to a less problematic one?

like James tells in the video:
we can't find every problem

but what could help in the case of the triangle-button (or is it a little-heart-button - did you agree on this now? :-) ):
if there would be a tooltip for this button
because then the tester has an expected result and can compare


Now posted in exe format. Most likely I'll be using the format going forward.


Hi Mike,

works :-)

the exe has now 3,4 MB and the wmv was 29,4 MB
also less space - in this kind it is good,
but one small thing:
people using linux/unix/mac/.. can't view the video now - perhaps you should still offer both?

CU, Erkan