Pulse Continuous Integration Server 1.2 M1

Zutubi is pleased to announce version 1.2 M1 of the Pulse Continuous Integration Server. This is the first milestone build in the 1.2 series. Major new features include: * Personal Builds: the ability to submit your local changes to pulse™ for testing before you commit them to source control. * Reports: build data for each project displayed visually. * Windows System Tray Notification: Stethoscope allows you to see your project health at a glance. * Customisable Notifications: notification templates can be customised using FreeMarker. * Automatic Agent Upgrades: the upgrade process is even simpler with automatic upgrades for agent machines. * Resource Configuration Wizard: easily add required tools. * Anonymous Signup: optionally allow users to sign up to pulse™ themselves.See the early access page for M1 packages and full details.