A Model-View-Presenter movie

Earlier,I promised some thoughts about how Fit and annotated wireframes can beused to test-drive user interfaces with a model-view-presenterarchitecture behind them—specifically, an architecture in the style advocated bythe good folk at AtomicObject.

In order to motivate those thoughts, I need you to understand Atomic Object's style and also get a glimpse of what lies beneath my application's UI. What lies beneath is one of those OO programs where no method does much of anything other than ask another object to do something. Those are hard to understand from a picture, so I made a movie.

Click the image below if you want to see the first draft version. It requires QuickTime. The movie is 20Mbytes, but should start up promptly. It's 20 minutes long.

Let me know if you think the movie could be a helpful introduction to model-view-presenter. If so, I'll edit it to clean up transitions, dub over mistakes, tighten parts up, etc.