- Public Unit Test Coverage Reports for open source software

[textile]Stumbled across "": today, which publishes various unit test and quality metrics, mostly for open source software. The site is run by Agitar...

The Open Quality Initiative is focused on unit testing, the foundation of broader quality. Unit testing ensures that the "atoms" of your software have been fully tested and have predictable behavior. Unit testing does not attempt to show the fit with the products' requirements, results of functional/acceptance tests, or the results of system, load, and/or performance tests. These other indicators are very valuable, but they can’t be fairly compared across different kinds of projects.

Participants are:

* Agitar Software
* The JUnit project
* The Hibernate project
* The Struts project
* The Cruise Control project
* The Jakara project
* The Lucerne project
* The Spring project
* Jaspersoft
* The BerkeleyDB Java Edition project

Check out all the "projects that they have analyzed": See any "familiar": ones?