Test Engineering in Zurich

Posted by Phil Rollet, Senior Software QA Engineer

Zurich, Switzerland is the location of one of Google's largest engineering offices in Europe. We like to say it is no longer necessary to live in Silicon Valley to develop great software for Google, and the Zurich office has over 100 software engineers working on Google products and infrastructure. As a result the Zurich Test Engineering team is kept very busy.

Producing great software is the driving motivation for each member of the Test Engineering team, which is relatively small by industry standards. But we're growing quickly and are passionate about software development, software quality, and testing.

We work on several projects: some are customer-facing and some are infrastructure. We currently work on Google Maps, which has testers and developers in several of our offices around the world. Our team builds tools to check the consistency of the data feeds that support the local search features in Maps. Another project mainly developed in Zurich is Google Transit, which provides public transportation itineraries and schedule information for commuters who take trains, buses, and trams. On this project, we build tools to verify the proper alignment of the transportation layer of the map with the actual location coordinates of transit stops. We also focus on many projects related to Google’s infrastructure. For example, with Google Base API, we work with the Software Engineering team to measure response time and to track bottlenecks during large-scale bulk updates.

Our aim is to assign local test engineers to most projects developed in this office, so hiring for this team is always a priority. Candidates are from all over the world, and many different nationalities are represented in our office. Adapting to Zurich is quite easy, because it is already an international place: many companies have their headquarters here, and Zurich has been named the best city in the world for its quality of life in 2005, 2006, and 2007.