Four links to User-Agent lists and an update to the user-agent import

I found two more lists of user-agents for browsers, spiders, bots,
RSS readers, devices, etc. If you're looking to track down who/what a specific user-agent
is or are looking to spoof a user-agent using the User
AgentSwitcher extension>>
 then these four lists should be helpful (newly
discovered are on the top):





I've also updated my User-Agent list xml import file for User
Agent Switcher
to include a few WAP devices and toolbars.

*WAP Devices*     
Nokia 6630
Nokia 6100
BlackBerry 8703 
Google Toolbar 4.0
Hotbar 4.4.2 
AskBar 3.0 

Download it here: AgentStrings20070517.xml
(18.07 KB)