Just In Time Testing

Once we'd integrated the new data provider we were in a position to do some more testing. We configured the code that used the new component to request the same data from the new component and the old code and to save the data to files. Then we wrote some code to compare the files and highlight any changes. Once that was done we located the source of the differences, wrote tests that failed due to the problems and then started to fix the bugs.A while ago I called this process Just In Time Testing (JITT); it's like TDD-lite. You start the code in a TDD fashion and write that first test but as soon as you feel the baby steps and tests aren't giving you the best bang for your buck you switch out of TDD mode knowing that you can drop back into it at any point. Find a bug? Write a test. Fix the bug. Write no bugs. Write no tests. Just In Time Testing...Posted by Len at 01:33 PM | Comments (0) | TrackBack (0) | Categories: Testing