PyLT - Dev Update #3 - Web Performance/Load Test Tool

(Update: PyLT has been renamed to Pylot)

(PyLT is the open source web performance/load test tool that I am developing)

A quick update on PyLT development...

The load generating engine is looking pretty solid and seems to work really well so
far. It uses threading for concurrency and seems to scale well (though I haven't put
it through its paces enough yet).

The GUI is evolving more and starting to look like a real performance/load testing

This is my first project using wxWidgets and wxPython
I am finding it to be very powerful and relatively straight forward to design nice
user interfaces.  However, this is a big jump for me.  The past few years
I have mostly done web programming and work with distributed systems.  It took
a bit to get my head back into traditional GUI application development and event-driven

More to come...