My Writing Process

I've been using the Fieldstone writing method for years. I learned it from James Bach, who learned it from Jerry Weinberg. I've found it to be a great way to generate material, but have struggled over the years to organize...


I'm often curious how other people organize things - so thanks for sharing. The coin envelopes look practical - of course - then you need to organize those too. I was thinking about getting boxes and using tabbed dividers. The container store has some that might work and I figure I could keep the boxes on a shelf.

I use index cards in addition to carrying a notebook - but I record different topics/ideas in different places. Yikes, this sounds more complicated than it is. I typically label the first line of each index card with a title that means something to me. When I clear out my brief case or clear off my nightstand, I put the cards into piles and use binder clips to keep ideas in their "respective" piles. It's not uncommon for me to have a stack of clipped index cards with a stack of books - my attempt to keep ideas in their slots so to speak.

I'm also a big fan of lined post-it notes. And I carry a pencil case with me that has highlighters, pens, post-it's.

PS> A good friend shared this with me today - checkout: