PR rounding: 1.94 to ..... two ....point five?

Rounding errors appear regularly in calculations in my experience and are sometimes unfixable, especially percentages not adding up to 100 . In fact, I had a percentage bug last week. I was contributing a defect status snapshot for a report. As well as bug counts for each status, there was also a percentage. I just presumed that they added to 100, but someone else pointed out they didn’t. As I was using a standard report in the bug tracker, I decided to use it as it was, even thought the total was only 97%.

I have never seen a rounding error in a press release, until now! If you were rounding 1.94 centimetres what would you round it to? Obviously the answer is 2 cm. In this case, it was rounded to 2.5. Huh? You’ll find the explanation here in an Australian business news column, a place where you don’t usually find articles about quality issues either!