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The 4th Annual Conference of the Association of Software Testing (CAST) 2009

Colorado Springs, Colorado, July 13-16, 2009

Serving Our Stakeholders

Opening Keynote by: Dr. Jonathan Koomey

Closing Keynote by: Robert Sabourin & Tim Coulter

Invited Speakers: Mike Dwyer and Kevin Brennan

Tutorials by:

  • Jonathan Koomey
  • Gerald M. Weinberg
  • Mike Dwyer
  • Kevin Brennan
  • Cem Kaner
  • James Bach
  • Scott Barber & Dawn Haynes
  • Fiona Charles & Michael Bolton

More Information:

The Association for Software Testing is pleased to announce its fourth annual conference, CAST 2009, to be held July 13-16. The conference will be held in sporty Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the Antlers Hilton Hotel.  The Antlers Hilton offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and Pikes Peak, which serve as a dramatic backdrop for this year’s theme: "Serving our Stakeholders".

You can view the conference home page here, and the most up to date conference program here.

We are excited to have Jonathan Koomey as our leadoff keynote speaker.  Jonathan is the author of Turning Numbers into Knowledge: Mastering the Art of Problem Solving (for a complete publication list, see, which is also the title of his keynote address.  In addition to the keynote, Jonathan will also be giving a unique tutorial that will present a series of interactive exercises to help software testers hone their problem solving skills and become more effective in applying quantitative analysis to business decisions.  

As with years past, CAST will continue its tradition of ensuring that at least 1/3 of each session is reserved for facilitated questions and answers, unlike the un-facilitated 3 minutes you may be used to at some other conferences.  Plenty of space will be available for networking, break-out sessions, or getting to know some of the authors, bloggers, thought-leaders, and personalities who are active in the software testing industry today. 

This is not an event you will want to miss!

Looking forward to seeing you in Colorado!


Scott Barber
President & Chief Technologist, PerfTestPlus, Inc.
Executive Director, Association for Software Testing
Co-Author, Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications
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     you will find it in your life."