SLAs in LoadRunner

I finally got time to look at such LoadRunner functionality as goal-oriented scenarios and SLAs. My first finding was that SLA functionality looks completely unrelated to goal-oriented scenarios. They got somehow related in my head – perhaps because SLA is a production goal in my understanding or, maybe, just because they were introduced in about the same time.

When I looked into SLAs earlier most SLAs I saw were like response time for all transactions should be below 2 sec for 99% of transactions. Looks like we can't do anything like this in LoadRunner – SLAs in LoadRunner are set for average response times. Haven't seen such SLAs before – it means that almost half of transactions may be above the SLA and we still meet the SLA. By the way, it doesn't look like it should be difficult to implement something like "below 2 sec for 99% of transactions" in LoadRunner – looks like SLAs is just a reporting mechanism (could be considered as an enhancement request).

Looks like you could set only an integer number of seconds in SLAs. Looks rather like a bug for me – I don't see any particular reason behind such limitation.

As for goal-oriented scenario, it looks like the only response-time related option is to specify goal as the average transaction response time for specific transaction. It doesn't say "average" anywhere, just "transaction response time", but I can't think of what else it could be. And, again, nothing like goals I usually saw in production – like all transactions should be below 2 sec for 99% of transactions (in some sense SLA is a goal).