Scrum: Putting the Kart before the Horse (kart as in go-kart)

It's been a while since I wrote it... but it's finally in print.

Putting the Kart before the Horse?

A former go-kart racer recounts a racing experience that helps him explain what
goes wrong for many organizations adopting Scrum as a first attempt to “go agile.”

I'd written a blog post about this topic in early January. Reflection on my son's karting experiences gave me two useful metaphors to get the point across. Actually many points... including this one:

...many organizations declare that they are “going agile” and see Scrum as the panacea to the problems standing between them and that goal. They start with the expectation that the light at the end of the agile-adoption tunnel is their mastery of Scrum, only to find that it is the spotlight that illuminates the brittle nature of a product created using legacy development practices.

You can read the article in the online editition of Better Software Magazine.

Update: I've altered the link to take you to first page of the article.

I'd like to add a special thanks to Heather Shanholtzer (Editor in chief, Better Software magazine) for the fantastic conversation that resulted in me discovering the metaphors in this article and the amazing feedback she gave that helped me make the article so much better. I'd also like to say a special thank you to Andy Palmer for the help doing the final edits - it wouldn't have been quite as good without his help.

-Antony Marcano

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