Testing the Limits... Interviews by uTest

uTest is doing a series of interviews with interesting/well-known testers. I was flattered to be asked to be interviewed recently and found that I enjoyed answering the questions... and didn't hate my answers when I read them as posted (any of you who have ever done that sort of thing know that is a fairly significant statement!)

My interview is "Testing the Limits with Scott Barber": Part I, Part II, Part III

Other folks interviewed include James Bach, Jon Bach, Michael Bolton, Matt Heusser, and Rosie Sherry. If you've got the time, I think they are worth the read.

Scott Barber
President & Chief Technologist, PerfTestPlus, Inc.
Executive Director, Association for Software Testing
Co-Author, Performance Testing Guidance for Web Applications
"If you can see it in your mind...
     you will find it in your life."