MbUnit (and QuickGraph,TestFu and Refly) source is moving...

As you may have already understood it, MbUnit as well as QuickGraph, TestFu and Refly source code have been moved to the TestDriven.NET source control server. This means that the source in the Tigris CVS are outdated!

The reasons why...

There are 4 main reasons for moving to Jamie Cansdale servers. Subversion, TestDriven.NET integration and Continuous integration

1. Subversion

This is not a major reason for leaving tigris, but Subversion is much more handy to use that CVS.

2. TD.NET integration

When developing the MbUnit addin for TestDriven.NET, we faced problems of versioning. This usually meant loosing time synchronizing TD.NET and MbUnit source, etc... Having both sources in the same repository has considerably simplified things.

3. Continuous Integration

This is by far the most important reason for moving MbUnit. The build setup currently running on TD.NET servers uses CC.NET, MSBuild and Wix to compile, execute tests and produce an installer each build. As soon as Jamie fixes his ftp problems , the installer will be uploaded on the web server on each build.

This means that release time for MbUnit will considerably shorten while benefiting from the quality ensurance of continuous integration. Image that you file a bug, it is corrected and you have an updated installer within the day!