Deprecation, test case failures, JUnit IoC

Jeff Mesnil addresses the best usage of Deprecation.Gunnar Kutrjavets blogs about Best practice: daily investigation of the test case failures.Perryn Fowler shares her impressions of Agitar as a TDD-enabling tool.Allen Hollub mentions TDD and continuous testing as the primary methodology to prevent bugs in code, in his SD Times Java Watch article on First, or Best, to Market?.Michael Swanson writes a summary of Ron Jeffries' presentation at the XP West Michigan Users Group.James Todd describes in detail how JXTA/WebStart nightly builds work.Dave Astels tells you Why your code sucks.MbUnit has moved to Osherove will be doing a Webcast on TDD using NUnit for Microsoft Israel.Matt Albrecht takes a first stab at JUnit IoC.